2019 Chief Information Governance Officer Summit

2019 Chief Information Governance Officer Summit

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We Need a New Kind of Information Leader

What is the CIGO Summit?

“The single most important industry event I have yet attended; densely packed with immediately useable approaches, methodologies and best practices; staffed by passionate and supremely experienced SMEs – both within and extraneous to the discipline – providing a 360-degree view of the imminent CIGO revolution; overall a grand slam. A definite repeat for next year!” Richard Kessler, UBS

The CIGO Summit is a by-invitation-only executive event for senior leaders in cybersecurity, information management, law, privacy, data analytics, records management, compliance, and other IG-related disciplines. We held the first CIGO Summit in 2015, an event one global IG executive called, “the single most important industry event I have yet attended.”

In 2015 we worked together to build the CIGO Playbook – a comprehensive guide to this critical emerging role. In 2016 we defined how the CIGO plays a critical role in their organization’s success. In 2017 and 2018 we tackled the increasingly complex matrix of cybersecurity, privacy, data remediation, analytics and other challenges that require a new, enlightened form of information leadership.  We would be delighted if you would join us!

Our CIGO Summit is a different kind of event. No death by a thousand slides. No aimless panels. No five minute wrap up at the end of a 55-minute drone masquerading as an “interactive” session. No issue spotting. No preaching to the converted.

The CIGO Summit is not a conference about information governance (IG). It’s a conference about IG leadership. We are not going to talk about the definition of IG or how to get started. We are not going to talk, yet again, about why IG is important. Rather, we are going to talk about the skills and tactics that the IG leaders of today (and tomorrow) need to thrive.

This is not an event for IG talkers. It is an event for IG doers.

Let’s Have a Real Discussion

“The CIGO Summit provided the perfect vehicle for developing a corporate cross-functional information strategy that balances organizational, legal, and technical challenges.” Tim Kaufman, UTC

2019 CIGO Summit aims to delve into four issues affecting information leaders today.

The State of IG. To be successful at implementing a modern information governance program, today’s information leaders need to deploy an operating model to help drive effectiveness and efficiency while also considering emerging U.S. and international regulatory issues affecting an organization. We will cover the state of information governance today and provide guidance to develop successful information governance practices while complying with regulatory initiatives across jurisdictions.

Information Privacy. As information increases in complexity and volume, the risk of sensitive corporate information being leaked or misappropriated has become greater. This risk is exacerbated by the ability to augment and combine disparate and seemingly trivial breadcrumbs of information to infer sensitive personal attributes. We will explain how an information leader seeking to maintain trust can form and implement robust frameworks to preserve privacy.

Information Security. As an organization shares ever increasingly complex information internally and externally, exposure to the threat of a serious legal or brand impact is substantial. We will discuss how information leaders can meet this challenge through the design and implementation of information governance practices providing a foundation for security, and best practices for responding to data breaches.

Analytics / Legal Process Optimization. Every company is fundamentally an information company.  As such, modern organizations are increasingly relying on data analytics to identify, hire and retain talent, understand their customers and the market, develop and market products, and optimize business processes.  We will examine how companies are employing data analytics, the developing legal framework around data analytics and how it interacts with security and privacy litigation.  We will also show how the application of data analytics is revolutionizing legal processes.

Our Speakers Are Information Leaders

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The CIGO Summit is a private, by-invitation-only event for senior IG practitioners. Providers of IG products and services may not register. You will be put on a “Waitlist,” which means that we will review your registration and contact you withing 24 hours.